Hands-on Training

Hands-on training session with you and your furry family member. Pricing may vary; receive a custom quote upon initial consultation. 

Puppy Training School

Puppy Training School is offered for dogs that are 12 months or younger and includes leash training, common commands (sit, stay, down, shake, bed), potty training, separation anxiety prevention, general anxiety prevention, crate training, car and ‘outings’ training, general behavior training, and  socialization training.

$800 per week | 2 Weeks Required 

+ Add-Ons

Standard Take-Home Package | $180 

Includes 1 bed, 1 crate pad/bed, 1 leash
w/ Crate | + $100
w/ E-Collar | + $50

Deluxe Take-Home Package  | $350

Includes 2 beds, 1 crate pad/bed, 1 leash, 3 new toys
w/ Crate | + $80
w/ E-Collar | + $40

Adult General Overnight Training

Does your furry family member tend to think they are running the show? We will work together to find a solution to help your dog understand better rules, boundaries and limitations. Individual sessions with dog and owner and overnight training offered.

$1000 – $1400 per case

Aggression / Rehab Training

Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs? Is your dog aggressive towards people? Maybe both? Here at Hakuna Matata we believe every dog deserves a chance to show the rest of the world their sweet and loving side. No dog left behind.

$2000 – $4000 per case

Leash Training

Your dog’s behavior on-leash is the most critical part of any relationship an owner has with their furry family member(s). A dog pulling on the leash is a safety concern for both the owner and the dog. After a meet n’ greet, we will assess how many sessions are needed to achieve proper leash behavior and for you to be able to enjoy a relaxing walk with your dog. 

1 Week Course | $200
Includes 5 individual walks; Owner must be present for at least 2 of 5 walks.

2 Week Course | $380
Includes 10 individual walks; Owner must be present for at least 3 of 10 walks.

Hakuna Matata Dog Care & Training is certified by APDT, an Approved Educational Provider. Learn More.

APDT Certification