Private Lessons

AFTER COMPLETING THE PROGRAM- you have Free Training Sessions with your Trainer for the rest of your dog’s life!

Puppy & Adult Foundational Obedience Training Programs

Does your furry family member tend to think they are running the show? Is your dog fearful, overstimulated or reactive towards other dogs, people, squirrels etc? Want to take your dog to all your adventures in life? Here at Hakuna Matata we believe every dog deserves a chance to show their potential! We will work together based on your goals to help your dog understand better rules, policies and boundaries. Training in a home environment in the real world ! 

Puppy or Adult 2 Week Program | $2,400

*Non-Refundable Deposit of $450 is required to be scheduled for a Training Program* The remaining balance will be split into both weeks*

Our Foundational Obedience & Modification Behavioral Training Programs consists of a Two-Week Course which tackles behavioral issues such as play biting/nipping, chewing, climbing/jumping, counter surfing, socialization, excessive barking, digging, bolting, leash reactivity, fence reactivity, aggression & rehabilitation, distractions, resource guarding, territorial behavior, separation/isolation anxiety, fears, triggers etc…

Course Curriculum:

-Leash Training

-Off-Leash Training 


-E-Collar Training

-Crate Training

-Place Training


-17 Common Commands


-Personalized Martingale Collar 

-ECollar & Remote

-5 Ft. Leash 

-Training Treat Pouch 

-17 Common Command Checklist 

Boarding After Training

Heading out of town and need to board your dog ? No worries ! We are here for you to continue to reinforce their training. Your dog will be having the best time playing with friends and training while you’re away !!

$50/night (1 dog) of continuous training reinforcement 

$60/night (2 dogs) of continuous training reinforcement 

$90/night (3 dogs) of continuous training reinforcement 

Day Camp Training “Daycare” $30/day Monday-Friday (6:30 am – 6:30 pm)

Hakuna Matata Dog Care & Training is certified by APDT, an Approved Educational Provider. Learn More.

APDT Certification

Online Training now available!